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Oukitel Mix 2 and Oukitel C8 are both coming with Infinity Display

by Dimitris Economou 5

Full-screen smartphones have been quite popular in the market. Following the new trend, Oukitel is releasing 2 smartphones with infinity screen but one with high-end configuration while another one with entry-level specs.

The first, Oukitel Mix 2, looks like a twin of Xiaomi Mix 2 in the front. It sports a full screen with more than 80% body-to-screen ratio, which is exactly the same as Xiaomi Mix 2. Also, both devices have the front camera placed on the bottom right.

Oukitel Mix 2

The Mix 2 will get 6GB RAM with 64GB of storage, becoming the first 6GB RAM smartphone of the company. Also, it will pack a bigger battery than Xiaomi Mix 2 to offer longer use. Regarding the price, it will be sold at only $299.99 while the same 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM version of Xiaomi Mix 2 is $649.99.

To celebrate the coming announcement of Oukitel Mix 2 in October, the company is releasing another infinity display smartphone, Oukitel C8 with an astonishing, wallet-friendly price. As an entry-level smartphone, the company is devoted to making C8 a top-selling full display smartphone in e-commerce.


With 5.5″ HD screen, OUKITEL C8 will get 18:9 display to give a slimmer look and more comfortable to hold in one hand. It will feature 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage, expandable up to 64GB extra. Also, it will come with MT6580A quad-core SoC, 13MP/5MP cameras, 3000mAh removable battery, and Android 7 OS.

Based on these specs, other brands would sell it for $69.99, but Oukitel will sell it at only $59.99 which could be cheapest amont its category. The device is already on the official website and some reseller stores already added it to their inventory for pre-order.

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  • z4ck

    $300 … ok what kind of chipset will you pair for this price tag …
    It can’t be something cheaper than HelioP25 or HelioX25.
    I guess it’ll be something like HelioP30 or HelioX27.
    Anyway, I’m waiting for the answer.

  • Zero

    For Oukitel Mix 2 is MANDATORY Helio X27 at least or Helio X30.
    Helio P30 is OK too.

    For the other device… Must be below HD… Why Mediatek doesn’t sell the Power VR based chip?

  • Riccardo Benzoni

    it’s probably a 299$ which will be “slashed” to 199$ “for presale only”, and will be the usual MT6750T, 6GB+64GB and so on…

    • z4ck

      MT6750T for $199 is a joke. k1000 p was expensive because of their huge battery. if not, oukitel never make such a joke.
      However, HelioP25 for $299 is also a joke. So maybe as you said it will be “slashed” to $199, but with HelioP25.

  • Marko Markovic

    OUKITEL C8 has normal bezels, which can be seen on one photo in hand showing interface. They are just photoshoping them better on other images…