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Vernee M5 available for half its price on Gearbest! (limited quantity)

by Dimitris Economou 16

vernee m5

It’s been a long time since we heard news from Vernee as the company announced a bunch of good devices in the 1st half of the year and now it’s time to harvest the results of those devices. The Vernee M5 is one of these devices and is currently on pre-sale over at Gearbest that has an awesome promotion running. Everyday, 10 units of the device will be available for half the pre-sale price at $59.99! To get that price, use coupon VerM5 during checkout. Just make sure to be among the first 10 to buy it at that day.

vernee m5

With Vernee M5, the company stayed away from the 5.5″ standard display size. So, it features a 5.2″ 720p display, 4GB of RAM, a MediaTek MTK 6750 1.5GHz 64-bit octa-core processor, and either 32GB of 64GB of internal storage. It’s also equipped with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, a 13MP rear camera, an 8MP front camera, and a 3300mAh battery. The offer is valid until September 25th and you can find it here.


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  • Faker than Saygus V2’s release dates.
    Never works.

    • Only 10 units for first batch lucky buyers each day.

      • I’ve tried it on all sites at the exact time. Never worked.
        Banggood, geekbuying, everbuying, gearbest. None worked.

        • It’s still a good price for $119.99, as I know, it’s very close to the phone’s cost. The Vernee M5 has a good looking, and Vernee’s reputation is better than other entry-class phone brand.

          • jimberkas

            i’d give it a try if it worked with the US bands.
            might just try the Ulefone T1 since that’s supposed to work in the US

          • It looks like a solid phone, just check some reviews out to see if it still has any bugs.

          • Haha, I know that for sure. That’s why I’m trying to get my hands on one for cheap.
            I’d want to get one as a gift for my sister, given the camera is any good.

        • I will try to get a Vernee M5 as giveaway gift. 🙂

      • z4ck

        I was pushing the apply button every last seconde till 9:00UTC but the coupon never worked !!!! Give me back my three days !!!

        • Milan

          Hi, do you think that SD660 is a bad processor compared to SD835?

          • z4ck

            It’s difficult to say. In terms of their micro architecture, they are very similar because both of them are customA53+customA73 octa. Samsung stated that 10LPE can bring 10% more performance with the same power consumption against 14LPP. Taking it into consideration, since s660’s max frequency is 2.2GHz and s835’s is 2.45GHz, we can imagine that their CPU’s power consumption is almost the same. However, the GPU part is quite different. Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact data about the power consumption of Adreno540 and 512, but Adreno540 seems to be much more hungry than Adreno512. I have a s820 device now, and I have locked the frequency of Adreno530 to 133MHz and I observed the gpu load during running 3D game apps and I discovered that Adreno530 was pretty overspec. Most of 3D game apps could run smoothly @133MHz and the gpu load was most of the times less than 50%.

            So in my opinion, for those who want to play a very hight-workload-3D-game (which doesn’t exit now), He should go with s835. In other case s660 is a better choice I think.

          • Milan

            Thank you for your honest opinion. I am planning to buy the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 which has been released last week. Mi Note 3 is equipped with SD660. There are better choices out there but I am not rich. Mi Note 3 is not cheap too, I could get it at 339€. Peace

  • jimberkas

    them renders sure do look pretty. i think renders should be outlawed, for all phone makers. just show pics of the real deal once its available. its always such a let down when you expect the phone to look like the render

  • Okay… I did not notice the 720p display.
    Come on, it’s 2017, stick to full HD already.

  • z4ck

    FAKE !!!!