UMIDIGI S2: 5 Features you want to know about before buying it

by Dimitris Economou 3

UMIDIGI S2 is finally on pre-sale with a great offer at Gearbest with a $50 off discount. The company claims it is its best device to date, and we don’t doubt that. But what makes it different enough so you’d want to buy it? Let’s check out five killer features below. Before that, you can watch a short video with peoples’ reaction to it.


18:9 immersive display, the game changer



This year, smartphone displays with 18:9 aspect ratio have been empowering new flagship products from top brands such as LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics. The longer, narrower 18:9 aspect ratio (compared to the 16:9 that had been the standard for years) is the new standard for mobile screens that LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy S8 pioneered earlier this year.

UMIDIGI S2 is one of the first Chinese devices to go this route


The first 6″ Display with 5.5″ Size


One of other key feature why we think 18:9 aspect ratio display will be the game changer is that going 18:9 allows devices to achieve a larger screen without making the phone wider. A phone that’s not as wide horizontally is much easier to grip and use. UMIDIGI S2 is the first smartphone built with a 6″ display while keeping the 5.5″ size.


The first Full Metal unibody design on an all-screen device


UMIDIGI S2 is the first 18:9 aspect ratio full display smartphone that is designed with a full metal unibody. The idea of using metal is that it makes the S2 stand out from the crowd, products that resonate a sense of perfectionism.


5100mAh Huge Battery, voted by 80% users


According to the company’s latest survey, more than 80% of those who voted agreed that battery life is of the utmost importance. This is no surprise, as it seems everyone these days has to carry around a charging cable or portable charging pack. Even fast charging doesn’t help if a battery’s capacity isn’t large enough to last through a day.

One of our top commenters on the poll made a great point by saying his priority is “Removable battery not just battery life.” Another user said that he carries a couple of extra battery packs.

UMIDIGI S2 is designed to come with a 5100mAh huge battery which enables you to go through the most demanding day without worrying about battery running out. Furthermore, 5100mAh battery is by far the biggest capacity you can find on an 18:9 screen-to-body ratio smartphone right now, without sacrificing the design and handhold feeling.


Limited $50 OFF, first come first serve


For those who want the new-age slim bezel designs, but don’t want to (or cannot) pay the high prices, there are options.

UMIDIGI sells premium phones without the premium price tag. UMIDIGI S2 costs hundreds less at $229.99, however, there is a limited 3000pcs offer with $50 discount running on Gearbest right now.
First come first serve. Even for the Pro version, UMIDIGI S2 Pro costs only $299.99. You can subscribe on the official website to stay up to date with the latest deals for the pre-sale on October 13.