All-Screen smartphone just $99.99? Vernee Mix 2 is on the Vernee website!

by Dimitris Economou 3

If you are following the “all-screen” smartphone news recently, you would know that the Vernee is going to release a new model, the Mix 2, which has the same name as Xiaomi’s device. On Monday, there was an activity page on their website that said: Chance to buy the Mix 2 at $99.99 only! Is it really that cheap? Let’s have a look.

From the official video, we can see the shape of Vernee Mix 2. Also from the exposure pictures we’ve got, this seems to be the real thing.

Vernee Mix 2

From the official campaign page, it is said that there are 9 “dual” features coming with it corresponding to the previous slogan “Not only bezel-less 2.0”. Except the bezel-less screen, what are the other “dual” features of Mix 2? What do you think?

Vernee Mix 2

Also on the campaign page, we can see the rules of how to buy the Vernee Mix 2 at $99.99. Simply leave a comment and guess the meaning of the “dual”, and you will have a chance to get it at only $99.99! The campaign is limited to only 100 units, so hurry up and join!

For more information please check the Vernee official website.

Vernee Mix 2