Cubot F1 smartwatch coming soon with classic design and materials

by Dimitris Economou 0

Outdoor phones and gadgets is where Cubot will be paying more attention this year and this has already started with Cubot S1 smartband and the upcoming smartphone Cubot King Kong. But there is a new product category that the company will be entering in the future and this is smartwatches. That’s where Cubot F1 shows up as it will be the 1st such device from the Chinese manufacturer.

Cubot F1

Cubot F1 features a deep black metal frame and the classic texture is filled with steady temperament. In order to achieve great design, it sports an 1.2″ FSIN screen that’s still visible even under bright sunlight. The built-in 6-axis sensor and smart chip will achieve multi-dimensional sports data monitoring that includes heart rate as well as intelligent activity recognition. Add to that the IP67 certification and you get a perfect sports companion. Of course, there are other functions like SMS notification, alarm clock, social networking notification, etc.

Cubot F1

Lastly, the countdown, as well as silent reminder functions can prove to be perfect during your workout or in noisy environments. Just set the countdown until your next set of exercise and you are good to go. Or be silently notified through vibration, no matter if you are in a noisy environment or in a quiet one. No one has to be bothered.

As the design philosophy of Cubot F1 is “going back to nature” the F1 has a simple yet bold design and materials. It will help you make life simpler but it won’t distract you from it. Learn more about upcoming Cubot devices here.