Koogeek Smart Thermometer is the perfect companion to your baby’s health

by Dimitris Economou 0

We are surrounded by smart devices nowadays, but the vast majority are addressed to adults. What about kids and babies though? Koogeek has you covered by taking care of your loved one with Koogeek Smart Thermometer. Of course, it’s not just for kids and babies, but since it can measure the temperature in a non-invasive manner, it is perfect for them.

Koogeek Smart Thermometer

The smart thermometer from Koogeek uses advanced infrared technology that provides more secure and accurate one-second temperature measurement. Being designed with the high precision infrared sensor, it can automatically scan and transmit the temperature to the chip and the measurement error is within ±0.2℃ which is almost perfect. Also, it can store the latest 30 sets of measurement data. In addition, the previous measurement data can be transferred to the Koogeek app via Bluetooth for future reference.

Koogeek Smart Thermometer

The Koogeek Smart Thermometer is currently on a 32% discount on Amazon. To check out all the details and features of the device as well as the product links to Amazon Stores, go ahead and visit the product page.