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Despite its small size, Vernee M5 is Strong and Smooth (video)

by Dimitris Economou 4

As a small size smartphone, besides the excellent design, Vernee M5 also sports a powerful performance as it’s not another entry-level small-sized device. It is equipped with an Octa-core 64 bit high-performance CPU, 4GB RAM, 32GB or 64GB of storage and support for up to 128GB of additional 128GB storage.

From the video, we could see that when Vernee M5 is playing “Arena of Valor”, the graphics performance is smooth. Including the interlude animations, wonderful battles during the game, skills released, there is no lag whatsoever.


Vernee M5

Octa-core 64 bit high-performance CPU

Vernee M5 sports the MTK 6750 SoC that allows the M5 to always maintain a strong and efficient operation while at the same time control the power consumption excellently and keep the phone from overheating. Even when playing demanding games, the temperature stays at acceptable levels. Compared to other similar devices, the power consumption of Vernee M5 is lower.



Lots of RAM: 4GB

There are two storage options for Vernee M5, 32GB and 64GB along with 4GB of RAM. That is plenty of RAM for a smooth operation, as Google itself recommends that amount for a flawless operation with Android 7.0. Add to that the good software optimization from Vernee and you get an amazing user experience.

While Vernee M5 features 4GB of RAM, it can rival 6GB devices when it comes to smooth operating. It comes with the latest VOS 1.0 OS, which is based on the Android 7.0 and adds many interactive and personalized themes and is optimized in many aspects. So, multitasking is fluid and the device remains fast and smooth.

Vernee M5


All this power for just $119.99

Right now, Vernee M5 is on discount and sells for just $119.99 till this Sunday. Hurry up and get the last chance to buy it at the lowest price. The price will rise to $129.99 after the campaign is over. Get it on GearBest.

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  • z4ck

    Who successfully bought this phone in $59.9 with the coupon ?
    I’ve tried all the week in every first seconde of the flash sale, but the coupon was always “expired”.
    Does anyone know something about this ?

    • I asked Gearbest about this problem, they said because there is only 10 units for world’s buyers each day, so it finished in seconds.

      • z4ck

        If so, I’m sure all the units were bought by a script which is a TOS violation.
        They should ban those buyers and remanage the sale.

  • Simion-Florin

    I wish Vernee would use the Snapdragon 450 in their midrange phones instead of Mtk, that soc would be great for the sub 180$ price range.