Dodocool Self-powered Wireless Doorbell Kit is an easy and smart solution for your home

by Dimitris Economou 0

Dodocool may be a company which mainly produces Smart House accessories that you can interact with through your smartphone, but this isn’t the always the case. A device can be smart all by itself, like the Dodocool Self-powered Wireless Doorbell Kit, that is a perfect solution for you broken doorbell. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new one or go through the wall to install one in case you want to rearrange its placement.

Dodocool Doorbell

For starters, the Dodocool Wireless doorbell consists of 1 battery-free transmitter and 2 plug-in receivers that you can place anywhere in your house for maximum flexibility in installing locations. Both receivers alert you via melody and LED flashing light simultaneously.

Dodocool Doorbell

The doorbell adopts advanced technology that converts kinetic power to electric power, so the transmitter needs neither power connection nor batteries! Also, it is tested for durability and it can be used more than 200,000 times before it brakes. What’s more, it has IPX7 certification in case of wet and harsh weather conditions.

Dodocool Doorbell

The Dodocool Self-powered Wireless Doorbell Kit is now on offer at EU Amazon stores of France, Germany, and Spain. The kit includes 1 transmitter and 2 receivers for just €29.99. You can see more details about it here.