How to maximize the battery of your Maze Alpha (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

Maze Alpha has been in the market for a a respectable time now and users are reporting very positive reviews. The company is showing an excellent record in supporting its customers in many ways.

Maze Alpha

This time, Maze has uploaded yet another video of the “Tips” series on how to get the best out of your device. The video is about battery and what settings you should make to maximize the battery performance of your Alpha.

Choosing to go with one of the latest Android versions available, Maze has the privilege to take advantage of all the goodies it comes with and one of the most important is battery performance as you can see in the video.

Maze Alpha is available for purchase on Gearbest with the 4GB version being in stock and ready to ship, while the 6GB version will take a little longer to reach your door. For more information on the device, check out the official product page.