Azdome GS63H 4K Dash Cam brings a brand-new visual experience (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Video resolution is one of the most deciding factors in purchasing a dash cam nowadays. Because if video quality isn’t high enough, you might not be able to use your footage in case of an accident to prove your innocence. A good dash cam has good resolution and clear video output, and Azdome seems to have taken this point into consideration. For that reason, their latest Azdome GS63H comes with an ultra HD video resolution, greater than other competitive products.

Let’s specify things a little bit now. How high of a resolution is it? Well, the GS63H comes with a 4K resolution, the highest resolution in the current dash cam market right now. Below, you can watch a 4K video shot on Azdome GS63H for your reference.

Getting into the specs, we learn that it will be equipped with the powerful Novatek 96660 chip, built-in GPS and WiFi, 150°ultra wide angle, and 2.4″ LCD display. A good mix of specs means a better multi-function experience. Add to that the 4K resolution and it’s really hard not to like it.

Azdome GS63H

We’re still waiting on the complete specifications but more details can be found over on the Azdome official website.