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MGCOOL Band 3 promises to keep you safe from over-exercising

by Dimitris Economou 1

MGCOOL is a relatively new company and it seems very eager to offer great products at great prices. Every new generation of its models is constantly improving and the same happens with the MGCOOL Band 3, the new smartband that besides the rest of its specs, promises to keep you safe while working out.


Featuring multiple advanced sensors, it can continuously monitor your heart rate even during sleeping through the dedicated sensor and algorithm. Also, it supports custom workout plans that match your training level and can keep you in good shape throughout the day. In addition, you can use Bluetooth syncing with the company’s mobile app to keep track of your sleeping, training and heart rate stats in daily, weekly or monthly basis. Through the app, you can set your goals as well as trace your running using your smartphone’s GPS.


As for the battery performance, it reaches 14 days of use using the 105mAh battery packed inside, which is a long period for a smartband with a big 0.66″ display. What’s more, there’s no need for button pressing to wake the device, as it supports raise-to-wake function. Just raise and turn your wrist and the display comes to life. Lastly, it supports notifications from social apps and it is water and sweat-proof. It comes in two color silicone bands, Black and White. You can learn more on the official product page and order it on Giztop for just $29.99.


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  • Kris Sby

    Please review this when available, please test whether it is really swimmproof, the company claim it is.

    And let us know what the screen is made of.