Dodocool MFi Certified 3-in-1 cable is all the cables you need

by Dimitris Economou 0

Adopting different protocols and connectors has always been a headache for users. And if some years ago this wasn’t much of a problem as devices in a household were limited, nowadays someone can easily own more than 2 devices.

Dodocool 3-in-1 cable

Apple has always had its own approach on connectors, as at first it was the 32-pin connector on the iPhone, a heritage from older iPods and now it’s Lightning connector. On the other hand, the rest of the manufacturers chose to go with micro-USB that later became USB Type-C.

Dodocool 3-in-1 cable

But what happens when you have an iPhone, an older Android model and a new one? You don’t have to worry about carrying 3 different cables with you, as Dodocool is offering a 3-in-1 cable that suits all your devices. It’s a 3.3ft micro-USB cable with two additional adapters: One Lightning adapter and one USB Type-C adapter. You just choose which one you want and boom! The cable is transformed into the one you need.

Dodocool 3-in-1 cable

The Dodocool 3-in-1 cable is MFI certified for use with Apple devices and supports fast charging as it can output up to 2.4V. You can get it on Amazon US for just $12.99, 32% off its original price.