Woman Loses Sight in One Eye After Marathon Playing Session of Honour of Kings

by Martin 0

Honour of Kings is one of the most popular online mobile games in China right now and it looks like some people have taken too much of a liking for the game as one woman lost sight in her right eye after playing the popular game non-stop for a whole day.

The unidentified woman was playing Honour of Kings the entire day last Sunday at her parents’ house in Dongguan, Guangdong province when she began to lose sight in her right eye the evening of the same day. She was finally diagnosed on Wednesday with retinal artery occlusion at a hospital in the city’s Nanchang district.

Her parents had previously taken her to other hospitals in the area but none could determine the cause of her loss of sight.

According to the doctor who diagnosed her, retinal artery occlusion is a condition usually associated with the elderly and that the woman’s blindness was most likely caused by severe eye strain. The report stated that doctors are still trying to save the woman’s vision.