Azdome GS65H GPS version is now available on Amazon! (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

More and more drivers begin to install dash cams to protect their rights with the frequent occurrence rate of accidents, so many manufactures released dual lens dash camz, but most of the dual cameras are separate, which brings lots of inconvenience during installation.

Azdome launched the world’s first integrated dual lens dash cam GS65H. There are two versions available, one with built-in GPS and one without.

The rich functions of Azdome GS65H such as hidden design, motion detection, parking monitor, unique heat emission hole design make GS65H stand out from the numerous dash cams. In addition, the application of IR technology helps you see clearly the in-car conditions under poor light, which becomes a significant part not to be ignored.

Azdome GS65H

GS65H is equipped with Novatek96655 chip and Sony Sensor and the front camera adopts 6 glasses with f/1.8 aperture. In single camera mode, it can record 1080p @30fps video while in dual camera mode it supports 1440*1080 @30fps and 720p video. Azdome GS65H GPS version is now available on Amazon for $99.99. For more details, visit Azdome’s official website.