Save 50% on Leagoo S8 and Leagoo S8 Pro during Global Presale!

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Since SAMSUNG released its latest flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, global phone manufacturers followed Samsung’s footsteps on a race to launch their own full-screen smartphones. Nowadays, 18:9 full-screen smartphones are predominantly popular on the market as a result of craft production progress and increasingly improved supply chain of full-screen displays.

As always, Leagoo follows the market trend and releases high-quality full-screen smartphones with affordable prices. On September 28, LEAGOO announced two 18:9 full-screen smartphones – Leagoo S8 and S8 Pro and today they are both ready for presale! Apart from popular all-screen design, the other intriguing fact is that customers have the chance to snatch up both of them at a 50% discount on Banggood!  From today until October 22nd, every day at 2:00 UTC +8, 10 units of each will be available with a 50% off discount and and a free case!


Leagoo S8 Pro full specs

  • Display:        5.99 inch Sharp 2160x1080p 18:9 screen
  • CPU:           Helio P25 2.6Ghz SoC
  • RAM:          Samsung 6GB LPDDR4X
  • Storage:          Sandisk 64GB eMMC 5.1
  • Rear Camera:    OV 13.0MP + Samsung 5MP dual camera
  • Front Camera:   Samsung 13.0 MP
  • Battery:        LG 3050mAH with 9V2A quick charge
  • Fingerprint:     360°rear fingerprint ID

Retail Price:     $299.99


Leagoo S8 Pro highlights


Leagoo S8 Pro

The 5.99’’ FHD+ screen features 403 PPI high pixel density, so every detail is clear on the screen. 1500:1 contrast ratio makes the dark even darker and the white whiter. With 85% NTSC color gamut, even the slightly different colors are accurately rendered to create depths to still images and videos, which go beyond the visual acuity of human retina for optimal enjoyment. With a 450cd/m2 brightness, the super-bright screen demonstrates vibrantly and consistently both in direct sunlight and indoors.
Leagoo S8 Pro

Unlike other phones with a similar screen size, the large 5.99’’ display fits in your hand, giving you a big screen experience without the inconvenience of a big phone.

 Leagoo S8 Pro

Powered by a 2.6 GHz Oct-Core CPU, S8 Pro is able to handle your daily tasks with ease and enjoy smooth and increasing gaming and video performance by more than 50% compared to previous generation while reducing power consumption. This processor guarantees an excellent balance between performance and energy efficiency, ideal for a phone ready to handle every situation.


Leagoo S8 Pro

Thanks to the 6GB RAM, the S8 Pro operates 50% faster than LPDDR3 devices with 20% less power consumption. Plus, it can increase up to 32% of multitasking performance, helping you run apps and play games at your will.

Leagoo S8 Pro
With OV 13MP/Samsung 5MP rear dual camera setup and f.2.0 large aperture, it lets in more light, 20% more than F2.2 aperture, thus allowing you to shoot in lower light and go explore a fresh new world at night. Besides, bigger aperture can also bring you greater depth of field, better picture clarity and faster focus, etc. The same goes for the f/2.0 Samsung 13MP front camera that allows you to catch sight of objects in more excellent details in grim or dark environment, making your selfie shine in any moment!

Leagoo S8 Pro

The S8 Pro’s Quick Charge technology maximizes charging efficiency via a 9V/2A charger, allowing to charge at least 50% of power in 30 minutes.



Leagoo S8 highlights

LEAGOO S8 full specs

  • Display:      5.72 inch SHARP 1440x720p 18:9 screen
  • CPU:           MT6750T 1.5Ghz SoC
  • RAM:          3GB
  • Storage:      32GB
  • Rear Camera:    SONY 13.0MP + 2.0MP
  • Front Camera:   OV 8.0MP + 2.0MP
  • Battery:        LG 2940mAh with 5V2A quick charge
  • Fingerprint:     360°rear fingerprint ID

Retail Price:     $169.99


Leagoo S8
Equipped with OV 8MP/2MP dual front camera, the S8 allows you to catch sight of objects in more excellent details, making it a piece of cake to capture and memorize every moment of your life! Also, the Sony 13MP/2MP rear dual camera with f/2.0 large aperture lets in more light allowing you to shoot in lower light and go explore a fresh new world at night.
Leagoo S8

LEAGOO S8 features a full-vision screen with 1mm ultra thin bezel. The 18:9 screen design and 85% screen-to-body ratio lengthens the vision range, bringing an immersive experience to your eyes. With CNC frame metalwork and gracefully crafted rear cover, Leagoo S8 offers an ever-more comfortable grip and eye-catching attractions, making it a perfect combination of industrial design and material science.

Leagoo S8

Along with MT6750 and Samsung 3GB of RAM, the device performs extraordinarily well in dealing with multitasks. The upgraded octa-core MT6750 not only gives it a fast and stable performance with low power consumption but also provides for high efficiency and good experience in graphics handling.

  • 1.5GHz LTE Octa-Core CPU
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB Storage
  • 30% Improvement in Power Saving
  • 25% Improvement in Performance



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