Galaxy Note 8 Planning Was Focused on Fan Needs and Wants

by Martin 0

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8, the company had a lot to prove and make up for owing to last year’s Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. And in an interview with Samsung Newsroom, BJ Kang and Cue Kim of Samsung’s Global Product Planning Group shared a few details of what went on during the planning of the Galaxy Note 8.

According to Kang, the product planning process for the Galaxy Note 8 was “fare more intense than ever before” with the company making it a priority to give its fans with the most innovative Note yet. First off, the company extended its assessment period to ensure maximum safety and the company developed the 8-Point Battery Safety Check.

Kim also explained that with the Galaxy Note 8, the company moved from a “big picture” approach to a more focused approach. Through both qualitative and quantitative research methods, the company was able to better understand and determine what Note users wanted. This led the company to focus on enhancing the device’s camera, S Pen, and display.

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According to Kim, while the company initially developed the Note series with business professionals in mind, the target demographic of the Galaxy Note 8 has expanded to everyone who appreciates and needs productivity, entertainment, creativity features. Specifically, millennials are drawn to the Note 8’s communication customization tools and high-performance camera.

Now that the Galaxy Note 8 is out in the market, the team is already working on the next device in the series, the Galaxy Note 9.