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Leagoo S8 Pro on high-res live photos for the first time!

by Dimitris Economou 1

Being the trending element of smartphone design, full-screen smartphones will most likely become the majority in the market in the near future and replace the casual 16:9 phones. Since LG released the first 18:9 full-screen smartphone – LG G6- during MWC 2017 in Barcelona and Samsung followed with the Galaxy S8, other manufacturers followed one after another in a race to embrace the full-screen era, hoping to improve their brand influence and sales volume by taking this opportunity.

Leagoo S8 Pro

As a result, as more and more players enter the competition, full-screen technology is no longer a technical obstacle nor an expensive one. Consequently, the phone market is filled with all-screen brands and full-display products. So, what can make a full-screen phone stand out of the crowd? The answer is very simple: make it unique and distinctive.

Leagoo S8 Pro

Since the global launch event on September 28th, Leagoo S8 and S8 Pro draw a lot of attention as a result of their unique and distinctive design. The rear cover of both phones features latest 3D curved glossy finish, bringing stunning visual effect and extremely comfortable grip.

Leagoo S8 Pro

What’s more, the exquisite CNC metal craft and grinding processing make Leagoo S8 Pro distinctively stand out of most other phones. Today, the company released real photos of the S8 Pro in Dazzle Blue color and, as you can see, it is an absolute beauty. If you want to grab either one of them for $50 off the official price, you can do it in the presale campaign on Banggood.

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