Dodocool Smart 8-Plug Outlet and USB Hub offer on Amazon!

by Dimitris Economou 0

With so many devices around the house these days, it is hard to charge them or have them connected all in one place. The result is a bunch of power outlets and chargers lying around the house, causing frustration. Dodocool 8-outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 3-port USB Charger turns one 3-prong outlet into 8 surge-protected AC outlets and three smart USB charging ports.

Dodocool Smart 8 Outlet

It lets you power up to eight appliances and three USB-A powered devices simultaneously while its premium components and multiple protections keep you and your devices safe. There is no need for an extra charger, as USB-A powered devices can be connected directly to the power outlet strip. And with the master switch, it’s easy to cut power to conserve energy.

Dodocool Smart 8 Outlet

Also, powering on or off several electronics is as easy as a push of the built-in illuminated power switch. The 4.92 ft heavy-duty power cord delivers optimal, safe power and enables easy connections to a distant wall outlet. What’s more, it is compact and keeps your desk neat and organized. The 8-plug Smart Outlet is currently on offer on Amazon US, Canada, Japan, and Mexico. To learn more details about it, just visit the official product page.