Cubot returns from Asia World Expo 2017 with honors

by Dimitris Economou 0

In October, Cubot attended Asia World Expo 2017 and returned with medals on its chest. While the well-known brands contested competitively as always, Cubot also Exhibited its most exquisite devices. The company has a good reputation in the industry due to its long-term strict management of quality strategy. The return rate of Cubot devices is very low, something that makes the customers satisfied.

Cubot Expo

This year, in addition to insisting on good quality, all the products like Cubot X18, X18 Pus, Magic, KingKong, F1 etc, have eye-catching designs.

Best design honor

“I Never knew a cell phone can be so beautiful, it’s really good…” This might be the best praise by Cubot X18 customers, given to the company during the expo. CUBOT X18 features the popular 5.7″ 18: 9 aspect ratio screen with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 83%, making a good choice both for gaming and videos.

Cubot Expo


Cubot’s VIP model

As an upgraded version of X18, X18 Plus keeps almost the same design, but the configuration is even better. The two dual-camera setups are the biggest highlight of this phone, both the front the rear cameras feature a 20MP/5MP combination. It has an all-metal body and the whole device looks compact. It also equipped with the popular Type C and 5V/2.5A fast charge, 10 minutes charge could keep the standby time for one day.


This is Magic

Cubot Magic is the company’s best-selling device for the first half of this year. It’s a 5-incher with the front and back 3D arc screen attracting a lot of potential customers. In the exhibition, there was a fan whirling the screen with one finger but he was a bit shy and avoided photos.

Cubot Expo

Proof of Water

Cubot F1 is an upcoming smartwatch with IP68 certification. During the show, it was placed 1m underwater for the whole day and it came out working fine. It can also record activity data like running, walking or measuring the heart rate.

Cubot Expo

King Kong of smartphones

Cubot King Kong is the only triple proofed phone with IP68 certification. Also, it sports a compass so that you can accurately check longitude and latitude. The front and rear cameras are 8MP and 13MP respectively, perfect for outdoor shooting.

The four-day show is now over with many customers praising Cubot, as the face to face contact deepened the understanding of both parts.

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