Elephone is rumored to release a Snapdragon 660 device with flexible AMOLED

by Dimitris Economou 3

Elephone has progressed greatly the last two years in terms of build quality as well as in design and performance. But still, there was always something missing from its devices to reach the top manufacturers. This thing missing seems to appear on a new, rumored device that the company is going to release in the near future.

Elephone AMOLED

A leaked image is supposedly showing a future device from Elephone with curved display, something that had been a Samsung exclusivity for years. Curved displays feature AMOLED panels and Samsung was the only manufacturer until recently to mass produce such panels.

In addition to the curved display, the device will – according to information- sport the powerful midrange SoC Snapdragon 660 which is also a first for Elephone, since all previous devices feature Mediatek SoC. If rumors prove to be valid, the new device will be a true game-changer for the company and will place it among strong players in the mobile industry. To learn more about Elephone, you can visit their official website.