Coolicool Halloween Promotion: Get up to 80% off even on EU Warehouse

by Dimitris Economou 0

One after another, online retailers are gearing up for the Halloween with promotional events that include some amazing deals. Surely, not all offers are good, but there are some hidden gems among the vast amount of offers.

Coolicool deals

This time, it’s Coolicool that is offering some interesting deals until November 11th. Even more interesting is the fact that Coolicool has an EU-based warehouse besides the central one in China and there are smartphones and smart wearables deals for European residents. This means faster delivery for them.

Coolicool deals

Of course, most deals are coming from the Chinese warehouse, but that’s not a deal breaker as there is free shipping on all products. Also, there are more product categories available there, so a little more waiting until delivery is worth it. To check out all deals, you can visit the dedicated Halloween page. Remember, the deals are valid until November 11th.