Leagoo S8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Hold Small, See Big! (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Leagoo S8 and S8 Pro are the latest devices from the company and they are the “Galaxy S8 for Everyone”. Both devices sport a 18:9 aspect ratio display like all the new flagships that were announced this year and suddenly makes the good. old 16:9 seem outdated. The advantage of this aspect ratio is that it can offer more vertical space while allowing for big screens that are easy to handle with one hand. In the video below, Leagoo demonstrates just that. The Leagoo S8 with a larger diagonal dimension is shorter and narrower than the new iPhone 8 Plus that still carries the 16:9 aspect ratio!


Expand Your Vision

Leagoo S8

Leagoo S8 features an impressive full-vision display with 1mm ultra-thin bezel. The 18:9 screen design and 85% screen-to-body ratio lengthens your vision range, bringing an immersive experience to your eyes. With top-notch CNC frame metalwork and gracefully crafted rear cover, the S8 offers a more comfortable grip and eye-catching attractions, making it an exquisite combination of industrial design and materials.


Hold Small, See Big

Leagoo S8

LEAGOO S8 pursues amazing visual performance for your eyes and extreme comfort for your hands. That’s why they fit a 5.7″ display into a slim -less than 69mm- body to bring the whole world on the palm of your hand.

1mm 69mm 85%
Ultra-thin Bezel Super Slim Body Screen-to-Body Ratio

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