With MGCOOL Band 3 you can get rid of burdensome HR chest straps

by Dimitris Economou 0

Recently, MGCOOL released another model in its wearable series, the Band 4, but the previous model will remain on the market as well. And there is a good reason for that, as you can get a really good smartband for less money. In addition, the MGCOOL Band 3 features Continuous Heart Rate Monitor throughout the day, so you can monitor your heart function accurately. In fact, it is accurate enough to allow you to get rid of burdensome HR chest straps that are uncomfortable and can move, resulting in inaccurate readings.

Mgcool band 3

The MGCOOL Band 3 features a big 0.66″ OLED display that in conjunction with the big 105mAh battery help the band reach 14 days of use. Featuring multiple advanced sensors, it can continuously monitor your heart rate even during sleeping through the dedicated sensor and algorithm. Also, it supports custom workout plans that match your training level and can keep you in good shape throughout the day. In addition, you can use Bluetooth syncing with the company’s mobile app to keep track of your sleeping, training and heart rate stats in daily, weekly or monthly basis.

To find out more about the MGCOOL Band 3, you can visit the official product page  as well as follow their Twitter account.

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