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Single’s Day is coming, would you prefer Xiaomi Max 2 or Oukitel K5000?

by Dimitris Economou 0

The annual Single’s Day is coming on Saturday and millions of products are on flash sale during the shopping carnival. Choosing a new smartphone now instead of on Christmas has proved to be quite popular the last years. Especially a big battery device that is a very popular category lately. Oukitel is known for its battery monsters, but Xiaomi has one as well, the Xiaomi Max 2 that goes head to head against Oukitel K5000. Both of them have around 5000mAh battery, 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage, octa-core SoC, but are different in other aspects. which one would you prefer during the 11.11 promotion? Let’s see a detailed comparison between them.



Oukitel K5000

Oukitel K5000

The Max 2 features a 6.44″ FHD 16:9 display and 174.1×88.7×7.6mm dimensions. On the other hand, Oukitel K5000 sports a 5.7″ HD+ 18:9 full screen and 152.1×73.1×10.8mm dimensions. The former has a larger footprint and higher screen resolution and Oukitel K5000 seems easier to hold in one hand.



Oukitel K5000

Both devices feature a 2.5D curved design on the front and back cover but different materials are used on the back cover: Xiaomi uses metal while Oukitel went with Polycarbonate which is more durable against falls and dents.


Memory, chipset, battery

Oukitel K5000

Both Max 2 and K5000 carry 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. But the two companies chose different suppliers for the SoC. Xiaomi uses Snapdragon 625 while Oukitel chose the MT6750T octa-core SoC from Mediatek. As we said above, batteries are almost equal, with the Max 2 carrying a 5300mAh battery and K5000 a 5000mAh one.



Oukitel K5000

Xiaomi Max 2 has a 5MP/12MP sensor combination on the front and back respectively while Oukitel K5000 adopts a Samsung 3P3 21MP (16MP interpolated) camera on the front and a Sony IMX135 16MP(13MP interpolated) sensor on the back.

Oukitel K5000

11.11 is coming and both devices will be on offer on various e-retailers. The flash-sale price of Max 2 will be around $221.99 during the promotion, the K5000 will be at just $131.99. With both devices sporting an around 5000mAh battery and 4GB RAM, which one would you buy according to the price/performance ratio?

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