Oukitel 11.11 Shopping Carnival is on with devices starting from $58.49!

by Dimitris Economou 0

November 11th: a day for the singles, a day for global shopping festival, a day for preparing gifts for the coming Christmas. Oukitel is providing 13 best-seller devices with a great discount during the 11.11 festival. Devices starting from $58.49 to $218.99 in the company’s Official Store on Aliexpress.

Oukitel 11.11

OUKITEL displays the famous 7 “K” series large battery smartphones, including 4000mAh K4000 Plus, 5000mAh K5000, 6000mAh K6000 Plus and K3, 10000mAh K10000/K10000 Pro, and K10000 Max. Also, 4  hot sellers from the “U” series are offered including the dual-lens camera smartphones U20 Plus and U22, and the large display U11 Plus and U16 Max. As for the entry-level C-Series, Oukitel C8 and the latest best-seller C5 Pro are offered.


Below you can see the promotion prices for all models
BrandModel namePriceModel namePrice
OUKITELK3$139.99U20 Plus$68.99
K4000 Plus$84.99U22$68.99
K5000$131.99U11 Plus$144.37
K6000$158.66U16 Max$125.40
K10000$131.24C5 Pro$66.55
K10000 Pro$174.41C8$58.49
K10000 Max$218.99

For detailed information about Oukitel 11.11 flash sale, visit their official store.