Nomu S30 Mini special offer is underway on eBay Store

by Dimitris Economou 4

If you’ve been looking around for a rugged device that can serve as a business phone as well, you might have stumbled upon the Nomu S30 Mini. If you have but waited for a good offer to grab it, now is the right time. A price reduction is underway on the eBay Nomu authorized store, where you can grab it for just $139.99.

Nomu S30 Mini

Business and rugged devices have always had big differences, and finding a device with advantages from both categories, was difficult. But Nomu S30 mini is a rare, successful example. In essence, S30 Mini is a superior rugged phone. It is 1.2m drop-resistant, which is essential for this kind of devices. Besides, it is IP68 waterproof and even the plug-free USB port is so. This not only avoids the damage of accidental water immersion, but also brings more possibilities for your life, for example, you can feel free to do wonderful undersea activities.

Nomu S30 Mini

On the other hand, it also comes with plenty of business characteristics. Classic color and stylish cover pattern makes it look luxurious while the 4.7″ display and low weight, makes it easy to handle. Furthermore, 3GB RAM and pure Android 7.0 Nougat greatly facilitate the user’s work with its speed. And 32GB of storage is plenty for a number of office data and files.

When this rugged/business smartphone meets discount, it is definitely your day. And for businessmen who are eager to liberate your office life, you gotta have a look at it for it will bring surprise to your life. Be aware that the price will back to the initial one in the near future.

For more information on S30 Mini, visit its product page.

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