Get these dodocool offers on Amazon, up to 30% off just for Gizmochina readers!

by Dimitris Economou 0

Here on Gizmochina we love companies that offer well-built and well-designed products and don’t rip you off when it’s time to pay. One of those companies is dodocool that manufactures a wide variety of products, from PC accessories to Smart Home appliances and smartphone gadgets. It seems that our readers love dodocool as well, so the company is offering two more coupons for Amazon UK that offer up to 30% off for the products below.

dodocool magnetic USB charge and sync cable with LED Indicator


Charging your device and stumbling on the cable dropping it on the floor is a common occurrence that has happened to all of us. With the dodocool magnetic USB charge cable, this is a thing of the past as the cable disconnects from the microUSB adapter on the device. Also, there is no fear of ruining your charging port by putting the plug upside-down as you keep the plug part on your device permanently. To get it for 20% off on Amazon UK, just use coupon BEM99X5Q during checkout. You can get it here.


dodocool dual USB Car Charger with Type-C and Type A ports


A car charger is always handy when you are on the move and are running out of battery. The dodocool car charger is compact, minimizing the size for added portability. It is one of the smallest car chargers on the market. It can charge two devices at the highest possible speed simultaneously and it features a dual-port design. One Type-A port that supports up to 2.1A output and a Type-C port with an up to 3A output. Also, it is smart, as it delivers the optimal charging current for your USB-C device. What’s more, it sports an LED light that indicates power connection. You can get it for 30% off on Amazon UK using coupon 8OZLQKUF during checkout. You can see it here.

If you want to learn more about dodocool, you can visit their FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts.