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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 already listed on Oppomart for $199

by Dimitris Economou 12

Xiaomi may not have made any official announcement about the upcoming Redmi Note 5, but leaks earlier this week suggest that it’s going to hit the market pretty soon. A device that appeared on the TENAA site rumored to be the Note 5 and another listing on revealed most of the device’s specs. So today, Oppomart that is known to be among the first retailers to list new devices, has the Note 5 listed for $199.

Xiaomi Note 5

According to the listing, Xiaomi Note 5 is going to adopt the 18:9 display aspect ratio on its 5.99″ GHD+ display. What is interesting, is the Snapdragon 625 SoC used, bringing it on par with the Max 2 in terms of performance and power consumption. Also, there are two versions, one with 3GB/32GB RAM/storage combo and another with 4GB/64GB. Opposed to the latest rumors, the device will allegedly come with a single camera on the back (12MP) and a 5MP on the front. Lastly, its battery will have 4000mAh capacity with fast charge support.

If these specs are legit, remains to be seen, as other rumors suggest that it will come with Snapdragon 636 SoC. In the meantime, you can see the listing here.

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  • Gousgounis

    Again, Xiaomi failed to deliver a solid mid-ranger.
    Seems that the Smartisan Nut Pro 2 is a much better option.

    • Michel

      Or the Mi Note 3 if its price fall below 270€.


        Even the Mi Note 3 fails that, because it doesn’t have a headphone jack, doesn’t have good battery life nor a good rear camera. And yes, even with dual cameras, Xiaomi still makes it somehow terrible.

        • Michel

          You are wrong, Mi Note 3 has the same camera sensor as the MI6. Mi Note 3 has a pretty good camera and it will get better and better with regular updates. It has also a very good battery life thanks to the very efficient SD660. The only downside it has is the lack of the headphone 3.5mm jack. Please stop spreading false informations. A dude on youtube did a great review on the Mi Note 3, his name is s7yler. You should watch the video.

          • POINTLESS GUY

            Hey kid, I have the Mi 6 and I can tell you that photo quality is shit. A phone that has the same camera sensor as this phone but a worse processor is a software nightmare. Battery life is not that good because the Snapdragon 660 isn’t as battery efficient as the Snapdragon 835, and the Mi Note 3 has a bigger screen.

    • Dennis Angelo

      I hope Xiaomi never fulfill your expectations. The redmi note line is great at the under $200 price point. For xiaomi to include nfc, high quality dual cameras and the SD660 processor then the price would be above $250 and close to $300. processor should be at least 636 though

  • Zero

    Stupid move… They could bring the SD 630 on the RN 5 and 636 on the RN5 Plus.

    • Marc Borruat

      Sure, at the end RN4 with 18/9 screen…

  • John

    What??? Snapdragon 625 again? Are you crazy Xiaomi? Same crapy cams of Redmi 4x?…

  • Albino

    So many have been said about this one, that i will wait a bit more.

    Also, i thought that RN5 would be the one with really slim bezels.

  • Solis Falas

    Until the official announcement stop crying about how Xiaomi has failed again. More or less, Xiaomi is the only company still offering cheap, capable, well built phones. I agree that snapdragon 625 will be a bad decision but let’s not forget that redmi phones are not supposed to be performance powerhouses and also not camera-centric phones. They are offering cheap phones with more than acceptable experience. In the end you get what you pay for. Don’t expect cheap phones with all the features that you want. It’s like expecting Xiaomi to give you money for nothing

  • kamil

    Hopefully there’s gonna be a Redmi 5 Plus or some other full-screen phone that will save the day.