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Why did Leagoo decide to use Spreadtrum SC9853i SoC?

by Dimitris Economou 2

At Mobile World Congress 2017, Intel collaborates with Spreadtrum to introduce a new mobile SoC – SC9853i. As an octa-core Intel Airmont SoC designed for LTE smartphones, SC9853I is Spreadtrum and Intel’s joint innovation product targeting for mid-range and high-level smartphone market. Based on Intel’s 14nm FinFET process technology, SC9853I is affordable, power-efficient and its performance prevails over its competitors due to x86’s performance-oriented structure.

Leagoo T5c main

In 2017, Spreadtrum is listed one of top three global chipmakers in terms of market shares, only after Qualcomm and Mediatek. Now it seems that the Shanghai-based emerging tech giant plans to surpass Mediatek on mid-range mobile industry and try to catch up with Qualcomm on the high-level smartphone market. And their latest initiative is SC9853i!

Leagoo T5c

Speaking of Leagoo, if you are a football fan of Premier League, you must be familiar with the brand because it’s the world’s 3d company sponsoring top Europe football team (Tottenham Hotspur), only after OPPO (FC Barcelona) and TECNO (Manchester City).

Leagoo T5c

Statistically, Leagoo has 160,000m2 of factory area, over 5,000 employees, 50 factory assembling lines and a production capacity of more than 20 million smartphones per year. Dubbed as “Prince of Southeast Asia”, Leagoo ranked Top 10 China Export Phone Brand in Asia and Top 3 Chinese phone brand for oversea E-commerce business in 2016.

Leagoo T5c


Recently launching its full-screen flagship phones S8/S8 Pro in September, the company seems to receive a considerable amount of positive feedbacks, motivating the emerging Chinese brand to make even bolder moves. Sources show that Leagoo’s next target is focused on the $100-$120 smartphones, planning to release the full potential of mid-range and entry-level handsets to the fullest. That being said, the company seems ready to use high-spec hardware even on its mid-range and entry-level smartphones.

Leagoo T5c

That’s why they decided to use SC9853i on their latest product, T5c, a mid-range smartphone with high-spec performance. Being the first global smartphone manufacturer to use the SC9853i, they appear to be confident that the future mid-range and budget phones can come with improved performance. Let’s wait and see if T5c will make that happen. Leagoo hosts the global reservation of the device and you have the chance to get a $30 off coupon to purchase Leagoo T5c by participating in the campaign.

Leagoo T5c

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