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Toumei brings high-quality projectors at low cost to the masses (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 1

Projectors, especially those meant for watching high-resolution videos, have been accessible mostly to those who financially are above the average Joe. That was until Chinese manufacturers entered that market too and started manufacturing high-end but reasonably priced projectors. One of those companies is Toumei that was established a few years back and immediately made an impression with its portable projectors.


Toumei has 3 projectors in its product lineup so far, The C800S Pocket projector, the C800i Pico projector, and the V3 3D Intelligent projector. All three come with high-end specs for their price tag and subcategory. C800S is a portable device with Android onboard and can connect to whatever you like, as it supports both wired and wireless connections via HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Also, it is autonomous, as it carries a 4200mAh battery, so there’s no need for a power plug.


On the other hand, the C800i is an ultra-mini projector that can literally fit in your wallet. It sports a 4200mAh battery as well and is ideal for watching movies on your ceiling or even when you are out camping. Lastly, the V3 3D projector is the most advanced model by Toumei with up to 300″ projection and huge, 30.000h battery life. Also, there is 3D support as well as AirPlay, Miracast, and DLNA support to share your device’s screen without cables.


To learn more about Toumei, visit their official website. Also, there is a discount coupon available for the C800S model which you can buy for $20 off using coupon 17M2425CPN. Together, you will receive a gift bundle with an HDMI adapter, a USB DC Power cable, and an HDMI cable!