EL getting ready to announce 2 new devices on Black Friday along with deals!

by Dimitris Economou 0

Black Friday is a day full of deals, but it seems that EL has chosen that day to introduce two new devices during a live event that will take place on Aliexpress on November 24th at 09:00 PST. There, the company will announce two new devices, EL MIX, the thinnest 18:9 device in the world, as well as the rugged EL S70. During the event, the company will conduct a live durability test to show the audience their product quality on the spot. What’s more, there will be $50 and $100 worth of coupons and 4 EL rugged phones in a giveaway activity.

E&L Black Friday

In addition, Black Friday deals will be ongoing on Aliexpress for their 3 current devices: W7, W8, and W9. They will come with reduced prices of $93.59, $115.59, and $132.59 respectively. The discount will be valid until November 28th so that anyone interested can take advantage of the promotion. The deals are available on the EL official store on Aliexpress. To watch the live event, stay tuned here.