Gearbest Cyber Monday Event: Everything must go! Up to 50% off.

by Dimitris Economou 0

Who said that the deals world ends on Black Friday? Gearbest thinks otherwise and is already set up for the Cyber Monday Event that, as usual, will last more than one day. To be precise, Black Friday had always been the day when offline stores had their biggest offers, and Cyber Monday was the “Black Friday” for online shops. This is a thing of the past though, and the more the deal days, the best for consumers.

Gearbest Cyber Monday

So, Gearbest has a dedicated promotion page for Cyber Monday and it is endless, as always. The offers reach up to 50% off the original price of the items offered. Also, there are lucky bags: You don’t know what’s inside the bags except for a generic title that gives you an idea and you only find out what’s inside once you receive it! This is a deal for the daring ones for sure! In addition, every few hours there is a Mega Flash Sale with products from various categories offered at a discount. Of course, brand deals are there too. To see the whole promotion event, visit the dedicated page below.