Cubot F1 features several advantages over competitive products

by Dimitris Economou 0

In the era of mobile internet, the sales of smartwatches soared and they became more and more popular in people’s daily life. One of those models is the Cubot F1 which features several advantages over other similar devices.

Cubot F1

First comes the piece of hardware that is the most used by all users: The display. Some smartwatches sport displays that are hard to see under sunlight, but Cubot F1 uses a high-quality 1.2″ LCD panel covered with mineral crystal glass that ensures a clear view of the screen even in the sunlight. Of course, when you are in dark environments, the display lights up to make it usable.

Cubot F1

Another cool and useful feature of wearables is the heart rate monitoring, but speed and accuracy of heart rate tests on conventional chips are mediocre. Cubot F1 is equipped with a professional chip that can achieve real-time heart rate measurement with high accuracy. Meanwhile, there are five indicators that represent different heart rate status. Also, it has a built-in memory chip which stores 10 messages so that you can view the full text right on the watch itself.

Recent studies show that if you want to achieve a healthy result with fat burning while exercising, 40 minutes of workout is the ideal time. Cubot F1 has a reminder function that tells you when to stop. Also, it can be used autonomously, without the need for a smartphone.

Cubot F1

In addition to the above advantages, the built-in 6-axis sensor allows F1 to accurately recognize the motion status and record the motion data without a phone. And it can last up to 3 days of heavy use thanks to its 240mAh battery.

In general, Cubot F1 is a smartwatch with functions that will cover your needs and do more that an average smartwatch without you having to spend a fortune. For more information, visit Cubot’s official website.