Elephone S9 will feature AMOLED display that has advantages over typical LCD

by Dimitris Economou 1

AMOLED displays on smartphones  are gaining more and more market share despite the fact that there are only a few manufacturers worldwide. Until just a few years ago, AMOLED displays had several disadvantages compared to LCDs but things have greatly improved and the latest generation of AMOLEDs are amongst the best displays available for consumer products right now.

Elephone S9

Since AMOLED displays is the future, Elephone couldn’t have made a different choice for its next flagship device, Elephone S9. One of the biggest advantages of an AMOLED display is its wide range of operating temperature that ranges from -40℃ to 80℃. Have you ever seen your smartphone shutting down because of high temperature? Well, you won’t see that in Elephone S9. So, no matter if you are in cold North Pole or a hot country, no problem for you. Meanwhile, AMOLED consumes less power and displays clearer image that can also protect your eyes.

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