MGCOOL native 4K Explorer 3 Action Camera comes with Dual-Channel audio

by Dimitris Economou 1

MGCOOL has released an improved version of its award-winning Explorer-Series action camera. Dubbed as MGCOOL Explorer 3, the 4K-enabled camera ships with dual-channel stereo audio recording capability. The main purpose of the technology is to record and deliver premium quality stereo audio. The dual-channel microphone helps you record crisp and clear audio even during extreme conditions.

MGCOOL Explorer 3

The camera is powered by the advanced low-power iCatch V50 processor with which you can capture images quickly with premium efficiency. Moreover, the Explorer 3 also provides support for H.264+, EIS, and Gyroscope. The company has adopted a unique combination of plastic combined with metal to manufacture the Explorer 3. The purpose of this combo is to provide a premium look and feel and also to enable you to work with the camera in any adverse scenario.

MGCOOL Explorer 3

The addition of a 2″ touch display helps you to easily work with various functions simply by touching it. The camera includes a Panasonic 34112 sensor coupled with a 7-glass sharp lens, which filters out stray light. Also, the 170-degree, ultra-wide lens captures images with a large scenic background. What’s more, the camera is resistant to water up to 30m deep (98 feet) provided it is used with the bundled waterproof case. The interesting point to note is that the camera is capable of working under not only fresh water but also salty water.

The company has announced the arrival of the MGCOOL Explorer 3 and its price is set at $169.99. However, the camera will be available at a much lower price from Gearbest and Banggood. The company is expected to launch the presale of Explorer 3 within the next few days. We will keep you updated. More info is available here.