Blackview P6000 exquisite business phone with a 6180mAh battery is ready to hit the market

by Dimitris Economou 0

Since hardware has become more than capable even in entry-level models, battery performance is one of the most important features for a buyer when looking for a smartphone. On June 5, during the Blackview Global Sale Agent Congress and New Product Launch Event held in Prague, the company had announced the Blackview P6000, a well-built device with huge, 6180mAh battery.

Blackview P6000

The P6000 sports a 5.5″ FHD display and is powered by the octa-core Helio P25 SoC. A FHD display is always welcome as you can browse through photos and websites with a more clear picture. The Blackview P6000 is defined as a business smartphone with a slim profile, despite the big battery found under the hood. Smartphones with big batteries are not necessarily clumsy and thick.

The “New Power Monster” P6000 will hit the market this month but specific time and more information are unknown for now. If you plan to buy a big battery smartphone, you should wait and see what the P6000 brings to the market as the pricing is expected to be awesome. For more information visit their official website.