A closer look at the camera performance of the all-screen Ulefone MIX 2 (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Though all-screen design is the new in, it doesn’t mean that dual camera setup is out of date cause camera performance still remains one of the big concerns for phone users. Seems like the latest all-screen Ulefone MIX 2 with dual rear camera combo won’t let you down and to dispel doubts, Ulefone has made us a video about it.

As we already know, Ulefone MIX 2 sports a Sony 13MP IMX135 sensor paired with a 5MP subsensor. The 13MP main camera captures the main object while the secondary one creates DSLR-level bokeh effects. As shown in the video, the MIX 2 can capture really nice shots. Especially during bokeh mode, photos taken with the MIX 2 feature sharp, clear details and soft, blurry backgrounds. Each one looks like a cover shot. If you watch carefully, you will find that sliding the screen up or down changes from rear to front camera. Fast and convenient when shooting.

Ulefone Mix 2

Aside from the dual-camera setup, another big selling point of the MIX 2 is the trendy 18:9 all screen design. With an extra-high 90.1% screen ratio, the 5.7″ display on the MIX 2 delivers a larger and more immersive viewing experience in the body of a 5.2″ phone. Powered by MT6737 quad-core processor along with 2GB of RAM  and 16GB of internal storage, the MIX 2 offers more than enough horsepower for daily tasks. Furthermore, it comes with an 8MP front selfie shooter with softlight, 3300mAh battery, rear fingerprint scanner and Android 7.0 Nougat.

To find more details, you can visit the Ulefone official website. Currently, the MIX 2 is available for a special price of $99.99 on Aliexpress. Remember: the offer will end on December 10th. After that, the price will go back up to the retail level.