Elephone S9 front shows up in real-life photo

by Dimitris Economou 10

Elephone S9 is in the news for quite some time now but until now we hadn’t seen a real photo of the device. All we had were some 3D renders which are always impressive but the real thing is always better. So, today Elephone released a photo showing the front panel of a working device and it is beautiful.

Elephone S9

As you can see, this is an engineering sample, so it is still on stock Android 8.0 system while the company is working on optimizing their custom software. From the picture, you can see the slim body of S9 and the 18:9 aspect ratio AMOLED display. According to the company, the body is soft and comfortable while it feels convenient when holding in one hand. Besides, the flexible AMOLED screen design makes this device look almost borderless on the sides. This is the immersive experience Elephone keeps talking about.

As far as we know, the device will be the first of the company to sport a Snapdragon SoC, the SD660 specifically and it supports NFC while the dual-camera setup uses ArcSoft algorithms. This new flagship will hit the market soon. More information is available on the Elephone official website.

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