Leagoo aims to launch world’s 1st 18:9 curved full-screen display smartphone (rumors)

by Dimitris Economou 1

A lot of time has passed since the wide availability of AMOLED displays by Samsung to consumer products and this kind of displays are now considered the best among all available solutions. Even Apple adopted an AMOLED panel on the iPhone X that combined with the superb calibration from Apple engineers is now the best display out there.

Leagoo S9

This wide availability is forcing wholesale prices down so they are accessible from smaller companies too. In addition, some Chinese display manufacturers are already producing AMOLED panels which is great, as the more the providers, the better for consumers’ wallet. Recently, Leagoo showcased curved AMOLED displays that will equip future devices and rumors say that the first isn’t too far away and it will probably be called Leagoo S9.

Leagoo aims to introduce the first 18:9 curved full-display smartphone and if you think that there are already two from Samsung (S8, S8+), think again. It may be a minor detail, but Samsung’s devices have an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, not 18:9. If we judge from other Leagoo flagships in the past, this too will be an affordable one. It’s nice to see smaller manufacturers upgrading the quality and performance of their products.

Leagoo S9 Leagoo S9