The Banggood Christmas Puzzle Bingo offers big prizes!

by Dimitris Economou 0

In the wait of the upcoming Christmas promotional events from all big player of online shopping, there are intermediate events that hide unexpectedly good deals on all sorts of product categories. For this year, besides other promotional events, Banggood has set up a Christmas Puzzle Bingo. So, what’s it about? You have a puzzle with missing pieces that you have to find to complete the puzzle. To do that, there are various ways that are described below. Once you do, there are many rewards waiting for you. The more pieces you find, the better the reward.

Banggood Christmas Bingo

So, first of all you must be logged in and ensured your email has been verified to play. Once you collect all 9 pieces of the puzzle, a big surprise will be waiting for you. Each time you collect all 9 pieces of the puzzle, you can harvest a surprise again. In the end, the total The total number of puzzle pieces you collect will be recorded and the Top 11 customers with the most pieces will be shown on the ranking list.

There are multiple ways to collect pieces. Just complete any of the following tasks daily.

1. Login and visit any of the “Christmas Event Pages”
2. Visit the products with Christmas Logo
3. Add 3 products to your wish-list
4. Add 1 product to your cart
5. Make 1 review per order
6.Open the Banggood App

Each day begins at 10:00 am (UTC+8). To try your luck, visit the dedicated game page below.

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