Elephone S9 Pro will come with Wireless Charging support

by Dimitris Economou 0

Elephone is returning to the smartphone scene with 2 flagship devices, Elephone S9 and S9 Pro and the info we have so far suggest that both will be feature-rich. Of course, the “Pro” version should come with some extras compared to the standard model and among others, the Elephone S9 Pro will come with Wireless Charging support. We assume that the company will adopt the QI solution, as it is an open standard with countless 3d-party charging pads already being sold.

Elephone S9 Pro

So, until cable-free charging becomes a reality, the next best thing is the current solution with the charging pads. There’s still a wire that connects the pad to the power outlet, but that’s all there is. You just place your smartphone on the pad beside your bed and it just starts charging. In addition, the charging port on the phone is better protected, as you don’t have to unplug your charger all the time that may lead to broken ports.

Elephone S9

This is a nice and welcome addition to Elephone devices and it signals the level-up of the company in terms of specs and upgraded user experience. Don’t forget that it will also sport NFC function for contactless payments. Elephone S9 and S9 Pro are expected to hit the market next month, according to the product calendar found on Elephone’s official website.