Looking for an almost perfect iPhone X clone? Boway Notch is for you!

by Dimitris Economou 1

Apple has a long tradition in releasing products with stunning design. The iMac, iPhone 4, and MacBook Air are just a few examples. The next iconic design came this year with the iPhone X that despite the fact that it followed the market trend and featured an all-display design, Apple managed once more to make it look like nothing currently on the market. That, set the bar high and other big manufacturers are already making plans to introduce something similar.

Boway Notch


But what about the infamous iPhone clones that were a big hit back when the rest of the industry had inferior devices? It is true that with the Chinese manufacturers releasing great products at great prices, iPhone clones were almost extinct. That’s until now that iPhone X’s design is totally different from conventional designs. So, there is an almost perfect iPhone X clone and it is called Boway Notch! Yes, the model is named after the notch on the top of the display that hosts the front camera and sensors.

Boway Notch

It is an almost perfect clone mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t feature the 3D Face Recognition and because the bottom bezel is slightly larger and has the Boway logo printed. And doesn’t run on iOS of course. Until now, these are the only information available as the presentation must have taken place in a closed group. So, we’ll have to wait until more details surface about configuration and pricing.


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