The Elephone S9 4-sided curved body looks stunning

by Dimitris Economou 0

The last 2 years we have seen AMOLED displays become more and more popular among smartphone manufacturers with Samsung being the top manufacturer both in wholesale and retail market. And as the manufacturing process becomes less expensive, even lower-priced devices have the chance to use one.

Elephone S9

The Elephone S9 will be the next flagship of the company and besides its high-end specs, it will sport a curved AMOLED display. But a curved display requires a curved glass on top and the company has decided to make the back of the device curved as well. And if the front glass is easy to manufacture, when having to combine both front and back in such a way that they end up at the exact same point for the body to be smooth and fluid, it becomes very hard.

Elephone S9

Apart from the curves on the side bezels, both panels feature curves on the top and bottom bezels too. And the process of manufacturing such a glass with the maximum accuracy can take up to 30 days, the company says. From the available photos, the handset seems perfectly manufactured and the feeling when holding it should be excellent. To learn more about the upcoming models from Elephone, visit their official website.

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