Get the Xiaomi Oclean Sonic Electrical Toothbrush on discount from Gearbest

by Dimitris Economou 0

Mouth hygiene is very important as poor mouth health can lead to serious health risks, even heart problems. The old-fashioned toothbrush is now outdated, as most people use it the wrong way and the result is bad. The new generation of electrical toothbrushes like the Xiaomi Oclean Sonic make brushing easier, more fun, and more effective.  The said toothbrush is the result of Xiaomi investing in multiple start-ups in China and it is on offer on Gearbest. Using coupon XMOCLSE you can get it for just $39.99.

Xiaomi Oclean

The Oclean Sonic toothbrush comes with a variable frequency sonic motor that together with the Dupont brush head remove residues and germs that cause dental decay, gum disease, stomatitis, etc. Also, it is a smart brush as it can store more than 100 customized plans and connects to the smartphone app for data collection. Its battery can last up to 60 days and it is rechargeable.

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