UHANS i8 Pro with the latest MT6763 SoC to be released soon

by Dimitris Economou 1

According to an official leak, UHANS is working on a high-end version full-screen smartphone after the name UHANS i8 Pro. Compared to the i8, the Pro version will come with upgraded SoC and more RAM.

Compared to its predecessor, the i8 Pro adopts the MTK6763 16nm Octa-core SoC that clocks @2.0Ghz. A nice upgrade over the previous model as it greatly enhances the system compatibility with applications on the 18:9 aspect ratio display. What’s more, it provides a larger depth of field while taking photos. The upgraded version is made to bring better user experience on a trendy full-screen smartphone.

UHANS i8 Pro

As for the RAM amount, the UHANS i8 Pro will sport 6GB of RAM instead of the 4GB of the i8. Also, there will be 64GB of storage and these two together will increase both multitasking capabilities as well as room for more apps, photos videos, etc.  The RAM module will be LPDDR4 which provides up to 50% increased performance and bandwidth while decreasing voltage and power efficiency. It also means that the UHANS i8 Pro is fully competent to run several apps smoothly at the same time. The same goes for games, as less to none lag or decrease in performance will be observed.

Until the i8 Pro hits the market, the UHANS i8 is already in stock and shipping and comes at a lower price. You can find out more on their official site.