Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug from Koogeek talks to both Siri and Alexa

by Dimitris Economou 0

We’ve introduced many devices from Dodocool and Koogeek and all of them have one thing in common: All feature great functions, build quality, and price. This is the case with today’s device from Koogeek, a WiFi-enabled Smart Plug that can turn any device into a smart one and lets you control it remotely.

Koogeek smart plug

For starters, it is compatible with both Apple’s HomeKit as well as Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. That means that you can control it via your iPhone or Android device and Amazon Echo speaker. Just pair the Smart Plug with either one of them and you are all set to control the device via voice commands to Siri of Alexa. Or you can use the free Koogeek Home app if you prefer.

Koogeek smart plug

Also, the iOS app gives you additional information about the state of the plug and the AC outlet is in use and monitor electric power consumption of the connected device. What’s more, you can create custom scenes on your iOS device and control multiple HomeKit-enabled devices simultaneously with a single Siri voice command or just a tap. Of course, all devices with iOS 10.1 and above can be used to control it.

Koogeek smart plug

To find more details about the WiFi-enabled LED strip from Koogeek, you can visit the official product page. It is available on Amazon USCanada, Japan, and Mexico.