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Would you like to get a “Galaxy S9” for just $300? Here’s how.

by Dimitris Economou 7

This year, Vkworld released a device that raised the bar of quality and performance for the company. The Vkworld S8 quickly became a popular phone featuring many cutting-edge specs like boarder-less display, face recognition, and 5500mAh high-density battery. And as 2018 is just around the corner, Vkworld is getting ready to release a new model, Vkworld S9 that will feature a more advanced display.

Vkworld S9

Vkworld S9’s design looks quite like the leaked picture of Samsung Galaxy S9. The from camera is moved to the top bezel while the bottom bezel is almost non-existent. The side bezels are also very thin and the display panel is covered by curved glass. Smaller bezels lead to higher screen-to-body ratio than the Vkworld S8 and reaches 92%, probably the highest ratio in smartphones. As for the back of the device, there is a dual-camera setup and a fingerprint scanner and is made of curved glass as usual.

Vkworld S9

Vkworld S9 will feature 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, Helio X30 SoC, a 5.99″ bezel-less 2K display, dual-camera, metal frame and glass body. Most importantly, the battery capacity will be around 5000mAh. It will be priced around $300 and will launch in Spring 2018. For more information on Vkworld, visit their official website.

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  • Nicolas Marshall

    Looks good !

  • androwin

    You said “Galaxy S9” for just $300!! You should say “Galaxy S9 CLONE” or just simply say its name (that’s if you’re not ashamed of this product)… Stop with clickbait!

    • princetom

      It’s dimitris, another name for poo

      • Dimitris

        Thanks, your comments are always “useful”.

        • princetom

          U decided to reply today. Wow… Wen will u buy ur soul back from the devil?

    • Dimitris

      That’s why there are quotation marks in the title. It’s “Galaxy S9”, not Galaxy S9.

  • Rockitfellow

    that’s insane, I’m curious about this one. Will Samsung S9 look exactly the same?