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Elephone prepares for Christmas with photos from Russia shot on P8 Max, do you?

by Dimitris Economou 0

Christmas is just 3 days away and everyone is out on the streets shopping and celebrating already. Even in Russia, where cold and snow are almost unbearable, people are in Christmas mood and nothing can stop that.

Elephone P8 Max

Elephone thought it was a perfect timing for testing their P8 Max’s camera effects, so they shot a few photos to show the festive mood of the city in Kremlin Square. Capturing a nice scenery takes more than a keen eye. It also requires a good camera phone like the Elephone P8 Max. As you can see, even the heavy snow can’t stop the festival enthusiasm and you can definitely feel Christmas is coming!

Elephone P8 Max

So, how do you prepare for Christmas? Shoot some pictures and share! By the way, both P8 Max and P8 3D are on discount. Grab one and make a great gift for your family and friends! Get the Max here and the 3D here.

Elephone P8 Max

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