NOMU S10 Pro gets a 4.5m Drop Test, sells for just $139.19 (video)

by Dimitris Economou 3

NOMU considers the S10 Pro as the most representative product of their “Born To Be Tough” rugged phone series. Not only does it set the highest IP69 waterproof record for this kind of devices, but also has a MIL-STD-810G certification. Its tough body and hard quality have won trust and love from a large number of customers. As an outdoor-dedicated phone, its drop-proof performance is at a high level.

Nomu S10 Pro drop

Recently, the company conducted a drop test where they left the device drop from 4.5m high on cement floor. Of course, they didn’t throw the device alone, but they tied it on 4 soda cans and then let them drop all together. When they hit the ground, all cans where destroyed and deformed. The MONU S10 Pro came out of the hit unharmed with nothing but a little soda on it that needed rinsing off.

In order to celebrate the coming Christmas, the company is holding a big promotion as you can get the S10 Pro for just $139.19, 13% off the original price. The promotion will last for 4 days only. In addition, the NOMU S10 will be on offer too, selling at $107.89! A double surprise for Christmas from NOMU. To learn more about the two models, check out the product pages here and here.