Power all your devices with the dodocool 6-in-1 Power Strip offer (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

If you get frustrated every time you want to charge or power your numerous devices, don’t worry, we do too. With so many devices around the house these days, it is hard to charge them or have them connected all in one place. This results in a bunch of power outlets and chargers lying around the house, causing frustration. The solution would be a centralized charging base that would offer both power outlets and USB ports. Just like the dodocool 6-outlet Power Strip with additional 2 USB ports to charge your smartphone or tablet.

dodocool power strip

It lets you power up to six appliances and two USB-A powered devices simultaneously while its premium components and multiple protections keep you and your devices safe. There is no need for an extra charger, as USB-A powered devices can be connected directly to the power outlet strip. And with the master switch, it’s easy to cut power to conserve energy.

dodocool power strip

The dodocool 6-in-1 Power Strip with USB ports is currently on offer on the UK Amazon store. Get €5 off the original price using coupon XWEOQDYV during checkout. You can find it here.